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Image consulting is the first step in creating a photographic project. It consists of 8 phases:

a. Careful study of the client company and the message it wants to convey
b. Iconographic research online and offline
c. Competitor analysis
d. Target analysis and belonging markets
e. Focus on already existing or to be invented images
f. Design of a visual common thread consistent with the message you want to promote
g. Image structuring with artistic and / or commercial propensity and all intermediate nuances
h. Proposal of visual drafts and sharing with the client


This is the strictly operational part of the photographic project. The photo shoot is the practical realization of the photographs in artificial locations (construction of a set inside the installation room), natural (already existing) or with render support, today more and more supported by video shootings.

The choice of one location over the other derives above all from a study that must be carried out on light. In artificial sets the lighting is much more controllable, with optimal results in visual rendering.


Third phase of the photographic project, post-production is necessary to retouch the image (improve its quality, eliminate disturbing elements, add details or enhance them, adjust the light) to create the perfect message.


The three phases of the photographic project are closely linked to my experience in the sector, which counts well over 40 years of activity. The method is not standard, but it is the result of what I put into practice during my career, always keeping in mind the technological and visual innovations that take place day after day.